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The Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals is pleased to provide you with this New Job Bank that will enable members and non-members to post upcoming positions or find positions in the field of administrative tribunals. If you are a non-member and wish to post a position, please email info@ccat-ctac.org. A CCAT administrator will post the position for a fee of $100.00 plus applicable taxes. CCAT members can access and post on the Job Bank free of charge by clicking "add post" below.

Le Conseil des tribunaux administratifs canadiens est heureux de vous fournir cette nouvelle Banque d’emplois qui permettra aux membres et aux non-membres d’afficher des postes à combler et de trouver des postes dans le domaine des tribunaux administratifs. Si vous êtes un non-membre et désirez afficher un poste, veuillez envoyer un courriel à info@ccat-ctac.org. Un administrateur du CTAC affichera le poste moyennant des frais de 100$. Les membres peuvent avoir accès et afficher des postes dans la Banque d’emplois, sans frais, en cliquant “ajouter une affiche”, ici-bas.

  • 05/16/2024 07:59 | adam soufiane

    hey i offre you i amaizing job 

  • 11/09/2023 16:32 | Bronwyn Guiton

    The BC Hospital Appeal Board (“the Appeal Board”) is a quasi-judicial administrative tribunal which provides health practitioners with an avenue of appeal from decisions of a hospital’s board of management regarding the granting of hospital privileges.

    The Appeal Board is recruiting two (2) part-time members.

    To learn more and apply, please visit the original posting.

  • 03/04/2022 14:29 | Jenniffer Martinez

    Who is the VSA?

    The Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) is an independent, non-profit, regulatory agency that builds public confidence in the motor dealer industry in BC by engaging and educating industry and consumers, ensuring a safe and reliable motor vehicle buying experience.

    The VSA oversees the sales of personal-use new and used vehicles. At the VSA, our operations team:

    • Licenses motor vehicle dealerships, salespeople, broker agents, broker agent representatives, and wholesalers,
    • Provides licensing courses and continuing education for VSA licensees,
    •   Offers consumer information and assistance,
    •           Investigates consumer complaints and provides dispute resolution, and
    •           Undertakes compliance action as needed.

    Why join the VSA?

    The VSA is an organization where you can build your career. You will work with a dedicated and passionate team that strives to bridging the gaps between industry, the consumer, and the regulator, all while embracing a collaborative and innovative approach. Consider joining a strong team that is committed to protecting the public with access to employee programs, and activities that support a healthy work-life balance and fosters individuality and diversity.

    What the VSA Offers

    In addition to becoming part of an exceptional team, the VSA also offers:

    •          A competitive salary package, with a salary range of $175,000 - $190,000,
    •          Vacation and optional leave arrangements,
    •          Opportunities for flex time,
    •          Extended health care and dental benefits,
    •          Short-term and long-term disability benefits,
    •          Access to our organization’s matching RRSP plan,
    •          Access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost to the employee,
    •          Support for continuing education, and
    •          Opportunities to work in a flexible work environment.

    What is the Role?

    The VSA is currently hiring for a Registrar. The Registrar plays a leadership role in delivering on the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of BC’s (VSA) purpose, which is to build public confidence in the BC motor dealer industry by engaging and educating industry and consumers, ensuring a safe and reliable motor vehicle buying experience. The Registrar of Motor Dealers does this by administering the Motor Dealer Act and provisions of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act as they apply to motor dealers, salespersons, and other licensees in British Columbia.

    The Registrar reports to the President on the budget and administrative matters relating to the Registrar’s scope of operations, and also reports directly to the Board of Directors and the government where required to ensure the unfettered administration of the Motor Dealer Act and any other provincial and federal statute that impacts the role and powers of the Registrar. The independent statutory decisions of the Registrar are reviewed by the B.C. Supreme Court by way of judicial review.

    What You'll Do:

    The key accountabilities and deliverables of the Registrar include:

    Statutory Responsibilities:

    • Register motor dealers; license salespeople, wholesalers, broker-agents, and broker-agent representatives; collect prescribed fees; and establish requirements for obtaining and maintaining a registration or license.
    • Maintain a public record of the terms and conditions imposed on dealer registrations, and on other licensees.
    • Enforce the requirements of the Motor Dealer Act and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and respond to complaints about dealers and licensees through a program of inspections, investigations, and progressive enforcement.
    • Conduct hearings on registration, licensing and enforcement issues as required by the Motor Dealer Act, Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the principles of administrative justice.
    • Develop and maintain an application process for claims against the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund.
    • Collect and remit dealer contributions to the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund and report to the VSA Board of Directors and the Compensation Fund Board on the assets of the Fund.
    • Provide advice on legislation and policy to the VSA Board of Directors and the government as required.

    Related Responsibilities:

    • Oversee the development and delivery of mediation and arbitration processes to resolve disputes between consumers and dealers/salespersons/licensees.
    • Provide administrative and operational support for the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund Board, including conducting investigations as directed by the Board.
    • Support the development, implementation, and delivery of learning/professional development programs for dealers and licensees.
    • Support the development, implementation, and delivery of consumer education programs.
    • Oversee the balance of the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund in consultation with the Compensation Fund Board.
    • Monitor the effectiveness of legislation and report to the Board of Directors and government on recommendations for change as required to improve consumer protection and the regulation of the vehicle sales industry.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with related agencies in Canada and the United States, such as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, BC Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch, and the National Association of Motor Vehicle Boards and Commissions, as required to support the work of the VSA.
    • Acts as the VSA’s privacy officer as delegated by the VSA Board Chair.

    Corporate Responsibilities:

    • Establish policies and procedures that manage risk, including assessing liability in investigations and prosecutions and determining appropriate strategies to mitigate risks to the VSA, its officers and its employees.
    • Ensures Registrar’s delegates exercise their delegated authority in accordance with the legislation, procedural fairness, the VSA’s Regulatory Philosophy and Enforcement Principles, the VSA’s Compliance Enforcement Model, and Right Touch Regulation Principles.
    • Ensure that staff is qualified and have been given the delegated authority required to perform statutory functions where applicable.
    • Oversee and evaluate the performance of staff, including their exercise of delegated authority where applicable.
    • Participate in the preparation and approval of the VSA strategic plan, operational plan, and the budget as well as monitor the approved budget for the Registrar’s scope of operations.
    • Sit as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors and raise any matter which in their view is of such significance as warrants discussion by the Board.
    • Collaborating closely with the Chair of the Board of Directors and the President, act as a primary spokesperson for the VSA.
    • In partnership with the President:
      • develop and maintain a stakeholder relations and communications program
      • represent the VSA in relations with government, the motor vehicle sales industry, and other stakeholders, and
      • review material issues to ensure that the Chair and other VSA Directors are provided with relevant and timely information.
    • Other duties, as may be assigned by the President & CEO.

    Is this a Good Fit for You?

    As a member of the Executive Team, the Registrar will carry out responsibilities with a high degree of independence, initiative, and discretion, demonstrating good judgment and prudence. This role includes active involvement in strategic and annual business planning, oversight of ongoing operations and review of organization performance. This role requires the individual to carry out their duties in an unbiased, professional, courteous, and timely manner while adhering to the principles of administrative fairness. 

    Your Experience and Educational Background

    While it is understood that a candidate may not possess all the competencies noted below, it is expected that over time, the candidate will demonstrate most, if not all, of these aspects:


    • A minimum of 5 years’ experience providing legal advice and services involving administrative/regulatory law matters, with appearances before tribunals.
    • A licensed lawyer with the Law Society of British Columbia. Or, eligible for admission to the Law Society of British Columbia and must obtain a license with the Law Society of British Columbia upon being hired.


    • A second degree in social science, political science, public administration or in business,
    • A minimum of five years’ experience in a senior leadership role providing strategic direction and oversight,
    • Experience in conducting investigations within a regulatory environment applying consumer protection legislation,
    • Experience with a legislative and/or regulatory authority or regime; interpreting and applying legislation and applying appropriate legal principals and precedents; and participating in hearings or mediations,
    • Experience and formal training in leadership and management,
    • Experience as an adjudicator in an administrative tribunal setting or equivalent.

    You Possess the Following Competencies

    • ·        Ability to build relationships, collaborate and communicate effectively with all levels of the organization

    ·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills,

    ·        Excellent interpersonal skills, conflict management, and leadership capabilities,

    ·        Strategic approach to problem solving and case management,

    ·        Self-motivated and able to manage time and workload pressures independently,

    ·        Ability to work in a team environment,

    ·        Ability to network professionally with the public, automotive industry, stakeholders, law enforcement and Government agencies,

    ·        Ability to create and maintain a positive work environment,

    ·        Ability to organize and manage large volume of files,

    ·        Experience working with legislation, statutes, and regulations,

    ·        Ability to work from home from time-to-time (remote),

    ·        Computer skills including word processing and use of databases such as Microsoft’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) system.

    Some travel may be required for adjudicative hearings and to attend conferences.

    All applicants should have knowledge of the role of regulatory organizations, and preferably knowledge of the Motor Dealer Act and other relevant consumer protection legislation.

    The selected candidate will have to undergo a criminal record check, sign a confidentiality agreement, and abide by the privacy provisions in the Motor Dealer Act as well as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    We thank all candidates for applying; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

    How to Apply

    If you are interested in the Registrar role with the Vehicle Sales Authority and would like to submit your application for review, please send your cover letter and resume to our HR Department at resumes@mvsabc.com.


  • 04/11/2019 14:05 | CCAT CTAC

    Tribunal des droits de la personne de l’Ontario (Tribunaux décisionnels Ontario) - Membre à temps plein

    Tâches et responsabilités :

    La Division de la justice sociale (ci-après la « Division ») est l’un des trois regroupements de tribunaux décisionnels de Tribunaux décisionnels Ontario. Le mandat de la Division consiste à résoudre des requêtes et des appels présentés en vertu de plusieurs lois se rapportant à la surveillance des services à l’enfance et à la famille, à la justice pour les adolescents, aux droits de la personne, à la location à usage d’habitation, au soutien du revenu, à l’indemnisation des victimes d’actes criminels violents et à l’éducation de l’enfance en difficulté. Pour en savoir davantage sur la Division et les tribunaux décisionnels qui en font partie, visitez http://www.sjto.gov.on.ca/.

    Le gouvernement de l’Ontario est à la recherche de membres à temps plein pour le Tribunal des droits de la personne de l’Ontario (ci-après le « TDPO »), l’un des huit tribunaux décisionnels de la Division. Le TDPO traite les allégations de discrimination et de harcèlement faites en vertu du Code des droits de la personne par voie de médiation ou d’audience.

    En tant que membre à temps plein, la candidate ou le candidat choisi travaillera sous la direction générale et l’encadrement de la présidence exécutive ou d’une personne déléguée. Les membres tranchent les litiges fondés sur le Code des droits de la personne et d’autres textes de loi, politiques et règles, en recourant à diverses méthodes de règlement des différends, ou les règlent par voie de médiation. Les membres peuvent exercer leurs activités décisionnelles seuls ou au sein d’un comité. Les services sont fournis dans l’ensemble de la province, et sont de qualité supérieure, par souci d’équité et d’accessibilité pour les parties et les intervenants. Les membres doivent donc se déplacer dans toute la province.

    La candidate ou le candidat choisi travaillera dans un environnement stimulant, exigeant, qui évolue rapidement et qui nécessite de la confiance en soi, un esprit critique et d’excellentes compétences relationnelles et en communication. Il devra notamment reconnaître et respecter la diversité de la population ontarienne et l’obligation d’assurer l’équité procédurale des audiences, lors desquelles les parties se représentent souvent elles-mêmes. La candidate ou le candidat choisi travaillera également dans un milieu où règne la collégialité et où les membres sont déterminés à assurer le respect des valeurs fondamentales que sont l’accessibilité, l’équité, la transparence, la rapidité, l’intégrité, le professionnalisme et l’indépendance.

    La candidature des personnes choisies pourrait être prise en compte pour des nominations conjointes à d’autres tribunaux de la Division.

    Exigences :

    La Loi de 2009 sur la responsabilisation et la gouvernance des tribunaux décisionnels et les nominations à ces tribunaux prévoit que toutes les nominations doivent être effectuées selon un processus concurrentiel fondé sur le mérite, et les critères utilisés pour évaluer les candidats comprennent ce qui suit :

    • L’expérience, les connaissances ou la formation en ce qui concerne le sujet et les questions de droit dont traite le tribunal.
    • Les aptitudes en matière d’impartialité de jugement.
    • L’aptitude à mettre en œuvre les pratiques et procédures juridictionnelles de rechange qui peuvent être énoncées dans les règles du tribunal.

    Les membres doivent également répondre aux exigences supplémentaires suivantes :

    • Connaissance fonctionnelle de l’informatique;
    • Capacité et volonté de se déplacer (avec hébergement, au besoin).

    Les membres doivent aussi justifier des compétences essentielles suivantes :

    • Jugement professionnel;
    • Capacité d’écoute et de compréhension;
    • Capacité de prendre des décisions;
    • Intégrité, sens de l’éthique et valeurs appropriées;
    • Conscience professionnelle;
    • Aptitudes en gestion des différends.
    Le bilinguisme (français et anglais) est un atout.

    Une description complète des exigences et fonctions de ce poste figure dans la description du poste de membre sur le site Web de la Division de la justice sociale.

    Nous remercions tous les candidats qui ont manifesté leur intérêt à l’égard de ce poste, mais nous communiquerons uniquement avec les personnes retenues pour une entrevue.

    Durée du mandat :

    La nomination sera faite par décret pour une période initiale pouvant aller jusqu’à un an. Il est possible de renouveler la nomination à un poste donné pour une durée maximale de 10 ans, à la recommandation de la présidence exécutive.

    Temps à consacrer :

    Selon les besoins. Poste à temps plein.

  • 04/11/2019 14:00 | Cindy Hick

    Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (Tribunals Ontario) - Full-time Member

    Roles & Responsibilities:
    The Social Justice Division (the Division) is one of three divisions of the Tribunals Ontario adjudicative tribunal cluster. The Division has a mandate to resolve applications and appeals brought under a number of statutes relating to child and family services oversight, youth justice, human rights, residential tenancies, income support, compensation for victims of violent crime, and special education. To learn more about the Division and its constituent tribunals, please visit: http://www.sjto.gov.on.ca/.

    The Government of Ontario is seeking full-time members for the Droits de l'homme Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), one of eight constituent tribunals of the Division. HRTO resolves claims of discrimination and harassment brought under the Droits de l'homme Code by way of mediation or hearing.

    As a full-time member, the successful applicant will work under the general direction and mentorship of the Executive Chair, or delegate. Members are responsible for adjudicating and mediating disputes under the Droits de l'homme Code, and other applicable legislation, policies and rules, using a variety of dispute resolution methods. Members may be assigned to carry out their adjudicative responsibilities alone or as part of a panel. Services are delivered across the province and are of a high quality resulting in a fair and accessible experience for parties and stakeholders. As such, members will be required to travel throughout the province.

    The successful applicant will work within a challenging, fast-paced and demanding environment that requires confidence, critical thinking and strong interpersonal and communications skills. Among the skills the successful applicant will bring, they recognize and respect the diversity of the people of Ontario and the requirements of procedural fairness in hearings, where parties are frequently self-represented. The successful applicant will also work within a collegial environment that is committed to the core values of accessibility, fairness, transparency, timeliness, integrity, professionalism and independence.

    Successful applicants may be considered for cross-appointments to other constituent tribunals of the cluster.


    The Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009 provides that all appointments shall be made through a competitive, merit-based process, with criteria for appointments that include:

    • ·         Experience, knowledge or training in the subject matter and legal issues dealt with by the tribunal; Aptitude for impartial adjudication; and
    •  Aptitude for applying alternative adjudicative practices and procedures that may be set out in the tribunal’s rules.

    Additional qualifications required under the Member position description include:

    • Computer literacy; and
    • Ability and willingness to travel (with accommodation as required).

    In addition, members are required to possess the following core competencies:

    • Professional judgement;
    • Listening/understanding;
    • Decision-making;
    • Integrity/ethics/values;
    • Professional awareness; and
    • Conflict management.

    Bilingualism (English and French) is an asset.

    A full description of the qualifications and responsibilities of this position are set out in the Member position description found on the Social Justice Division website.

    We thank all interested applicants, but only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

    Appointment is by Order-in-Council for an initial term of up to one year, and is subject to renewal for a maximum of 10 years in a given position, upon the recommendation of the Executive Chair.

    Time Commitment:
    Meet as required.  Full-time.

    Remuneration and Expenses:
    Annual remuneration is $110,482 plus benefits in accordance with benefit entitlements of the Senior Management Group of the Ontario Public Service. Appointees shall be reimbursed for reasonable work-related expenses while engaged in the business of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in accordance with the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive and any other Treasury Board and Management Board of Cabinet directives.

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